Thursday, April 21, 2011


Being brought up in a music household, Rockstar was one of the titles which occupied my mind
It later became a habit..singing in front of the mirror,imagining myself as a renowned Rockstar
Voila..Rockstar Lydia Charlotte Elvie..... :)

Being a No.1 fan of Avril Lavigne, My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold, etc... I pride myself as 'The child of Rock' ... Long Live Rock

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Greatest Gift

I miss the loving and warm embrace
And the happy feeling that flows whenever I see his face
The soul kisses that we had shared
Are signs which shows how much he cared
I miss the times when he held me by the waist
Bent his head down and kissed me with no haste
The first day I saw him, he was on the point of fame
Only then do I realised we share the same traditional name
I still remember the night he proposed
Inspite of the winter chill, the shock made my hot blood rose
Most people thought we won't last long
Due to the ten years difference we had all along
When I looked back, I'm surprised to see
That we've passed the door of the 3rd year anniversary
I remember our  3rd Valentine's Day
Cos it marked the history of our Engagement Day
I miss his voice calling me "Sweetheart"
I cherish it as he has the purest of all hearts
I hate the days we would have a big fight
Though I knew that he was trying to make the wring things go right
He's the only guy who showed me the true nature of love's being
He taught me love is not only an emotion but a feeling
I then learnt it flows like a never-ending pianissimo symphony
And being so far from him is such an agony
I miss the days we would both sit in silence
Not finding any words necessary for love's conveyance
Looking back to three years in the month of November
The love in his eyes when he said the three magic words..I'll always remember

Things I Miss - V

I miss the irritating barks of the two dalmatians
Named Sapphire, after the precious blue stone of the Egyptians
And Petronus, after one of the great gods of Greek mythology
I miss their continuous lickings whenever they're happy
The sky reminds me of their beautiful sparkling blue eyes
I can still hear their soprano cries
The most annoying thing is to clear all the household accessories
Once they are being freed as they break things with no apologies
Pepe, on two feet, is tall enough to kiss us on the cheeks
Phiphi, on the other hand, is curious and turns head at the sound of every creaks
My parents love giving them toy bones and Pedigree
Due to the high degree of sensitivity in their body
Last I heard , they had been built a huge kennel
Where they'd peep through the window and finally get settled

Things I Miss - I V

My mother, at forty-seven is still a beauty
She considers looking after us as her soulful duty
We can see the love in her eyes when she smiled
And kept me company till I sleep when the night storms are wild
Her whole body is filled with cute little freckles
She's still the most beautiful woman even with her growing wrinkles
People often tells me that I'm lucky I didn't take after her skin
But I feel sad, I wished I had a part of her within
I'm glad to have brown eyes with a touch of hazel
And my brunette hair which I inherited from my mother, the Angel
The long, almost-pointy nose that I adore
Is the feature which I exactly wanted, nothing more
I remember the night she hugged me tight
She whispered, " I'll call you up every night"
I miss the days she'd dress me up
Cos I'm only good at trying my hands on my eye make-up
Last we spoke, she said she's still having problems with her thyroid
I begged God, " She is still too young to be a victim of what we can't avoid "
But I believe she will live long till the last sun rise
And witness my children grow up before her eyes

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Things I Miss - III

Although I don't share much with the eldest
Who had been given the name Davis
I miss his unnecessary criticisms
And the way he talked with a few drops of sarcasms
The days he'd let me do his household chores
And promise me in return, to teach me some guitar chords
I still have the image of him, sitting
On his desk with his laptop, studying!?? nah-uh..playing
I remember the days I'd give him lecture
Saying that he was old enough to have a definite structure
He has such good hands with guitars but he doesn't have the interest
Which is strong enough to get him fully invest
I heard from Mum that he graduated with A grade
I wonder how he did it with all the games he played
But all thoughts of him being irresponsible started to stop
When he finally declared he wants a job

Well..what can I say about the second eldest, Griffin
Who chose not to inherit the name he was given
The polite, spectacled, tall and different amongst us
Every word he spoke would be strong as he is sonorous
He might be fully matured but he loves cartoons
As a kid, he got the nickname 'Daffy Duck' from Looney Toons
He's creative and wanted to go for animation
But Grandma disagreed and ruined his imagination
He then wanted to become a computer engineer
Believing that success is not something which is near
I miss having him beside me, we would wrestle
And when I played a sang, he would join me in with a whistle
But never will I ride again on the back of his bike
Cos it feels more like going on a hike
We talked over the phone once a while
 Been two years since we met after he flew off to Madurai

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things I Miss - II

I miss my notorious big brother Eric
With whom I lovingly share the name "Ly-ric"
He would sing with all his might
As if he was trying to wake the neighbours at night
He looked me up as his big sister
And ignored my words never
When he comes back from our home in Shillong
He'd sleep in my bed, holding me all night
People thought we were fraternal twins
As we're so close and no secrets in between
When we were kids, we would buy the same clothes of different hues
Mine were lighter shades of green and his were shades of blue
But now, he is matured and has become a real man
And now knows I'm not the one who's wearing pants
The table has turned, he no longer fear my scolding
I knew this was coming but I miss the feeling

Things I Miss - I

Life in Hyderabad is...well, awesome
But sometimes it gets lonesome
I miss the soft velvety touch
That of my little white canine pooch
Who barks and wags its tail
Even when in life I fail
The saddest thing that ever happened
Are the things with which I let myself be burdened
I'm proud to have my optimistic father
Who would say, "Baby, don't let them bother"
I miss his voice calling me 'Lilliput'
Cos it rhymes with my name and the size of my foot
He is only a small boy at heart
But for his children s' success, he worked hard
He is sad his sons do not have interest
In the work that he so loved and digest
I guess he sometimes wish his only daughter
Would be a boy as I can share his laughter
I remember the times we both watched the orchestra
I'm glad I share his love for art and share the same genre
I miss the days we would fight over the guitar
Both quarreling it was our time to strum the bar
I'm proud to have such a father so decent
Who talks with his highly pure English accent
Before leaving me alone here, he took my hand
And said, "Baby, do not speak like American"
I won't ever want to let him down
He's the one held me up whenever I drown
I remember the day I waved at him by the door
He turned and smiled then headed for the airport